I dare you!

Have you ever been dared to do something? Something that’s, well, scary?

After doing the ‘dared’ thing, did you find some sense of peace or fulfillment? Or, where you just happy to walk away from the moment?

Based on those questions, are you reliving a special moment? Come on! That’s what you’re doing, aren’t you? Well, here’s my recent ‘ I dare you! ‘ experience.

I was out walking and the sidewalk ended at the foot of a three hundred foot high bluff. I looked at those steps leading to the top of the bluff and thought…ah, not today. Then, the dare devil thought whispered to me: “I dare you to climb those stairs to the top.”.

Logic kicked in and came up with many excuses why climbing those steps would not be a wise move: you’re not in shape for that type of exercise, it’s too hot for such a climb, you’ve already walked over a mile, etc. etc..

Another truth-ism I’ve learned is to not have regrets — so what the heck — climb those steps. Who knows what will happen tomorrow, right?

I took a very deep breath.

Now realize these steps rise at about a seventy degree angle – they are steep but, hey, I dared myself and I took the first step. About halfway up the climb, there was a bench to rest upon and it was appreciated. Taking another deep breath, I ‘zipped’ up the final steps and there was a table to sit upon – again, it was much appreciated.

By the way, that ‘zipped’ word I just used to describe the final steps was a bit of an over the top descriptor!

Sitting down I looked out over the Mississippi River and the bluff country – the view made all my physical discomfort worthwhile. I’m glad I dared myself and I found a bit of peace in the magnificent view.

After going back down the steps and walking the mile back to my starting point, I just had to reward myself with a bit of grape juice — the fermented style!

And, here’s where you enter the picture — I dare you to…

I dare you to try a bottle of Bolla Sangiovese Di Romagna, vintage 2008! It’s over twelve years old and see if it still carries the expected black cherry aroma and raspberry taste. Go ahead but remember it’s twelve years old! Is this wine supposed to last that long? Has it gone bad? What will it smell and taste like?

Go ahead! I dare you!

Oh, you don’t want to try that one. Okay, how a 2017 Carletto Montepulciano D’Abruzzo?

This pleasing Italian red should have nice cherry and spicy tastes and should be very soft to drink. But, will it?

It’s almost four years old and…I dare you to try it.

Let’s try for a 2018 wine ,a Leese — Fitch Red Blend from California. Hmmm, a blend that almost three years old…but it’s a red wine.

Reds should have the body and strength of character to last that long, right? Yes, you’re right but I still dare you to try this red. This is a spicy red with Merlot as its backbone but mated with Syrah, Temprenillo, Mourvedre and good old Zin! Lots to like here and it’s not scary but very peace filled.

Looking for something sweet?

Then try some ‘Beloved lady’s milk’ from Germany known as Liebfraumilch. A long time ago I cut my wine tasting buds on this wine and still enjoy it today. Grab a 2019 bottle of this wine from Rheinhaessen and sip the pleasing semi-sweet taste with notes of melon and peachers.

There’s nothing to fear here — there’s no daring here — just pleasure.

Does being dared scare you?

Perhaps we should look at it as a way to grow — physically, mentally, socially and spiritually — so, once again, I dare you to…

I dare you to change something in your lifestyle. Perhaps become more physically active – look for that steep bluff to climb!

If you are a reader, try a new genre of books. If you only read mysteries, try a personal history of someone. Like romances? Go for a good old Western. Like history?

Try reading a book about a different religion.

If you enjoy your food, try a new and different cultural food. I dare you!

I dare you to find/rediscover your place of peace. Go to it, rest in it and let it fill you with its essence.

As always, eat and drink in moderation but laugh with reckless abandon!



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