I believe it’s out there

After all the bumps, bruises, scratches and itches that have accompanied me in my life, I still believe it’s out there.

Just recently, I was flipping through some TV channels and came across Dolly Parton’s Christmas program and, I stopped flipping. Why? Well, it’s not about the glitz nor the glamour. It’s about the person and the good stuff she does.

Yes, she can sing, write songs, play multiple instruments and act, but it’s her ability to show feelings and kindness to the people around her that beckons to me. I watched her program and, yes, there was some glitzy stuff but it’s her interaction with her musical crew that struck me.

She turned to them and listened to their harmonies and encouraged them with her smile and waving hands. To me, it was an act of equals led by someone who relies on her humble upbringing to let people know they are important.

At the end of her program, she sang a new song she had just written entitled “I Believe.” As she, once again, turned to face her six-person supporting chorus, she waved to them, smiled at them and they all smiled in return. Why did they smile at her? Well, who doesn’t smile at Dolly from time to time? But, I think they smiled at her because they believed the words they were singing: I believe…

The words of her song encompass her belief that we can get through this trial of life together and that goodness will prevail.

There’s that thing I believe is out there — goodness.

Within this holiday season, we hear, see and read about the many acts of goodness being done by our neighbors, friends, children and adults. Laying aside our tainted political environment, one can’t help but be encouraged by the goodness of us — when it’s allowed to shine forth.

Dolly is right. Goodness will prevail but we will all have to fight to make sure that it happens. It doesn’t take an act of Congress (Good luck with that today!) to have good shine — it takes us.

We can show goodness by supporting our local small businesses. The Big Boys and Girls of shopping will do fine with their online support network but our local folks need us more than ever. As you shop for that perfect Christmas gift, let your eyes that show above your mask tell the owner, how appreciative you are of them. Laugh with them — Lord knows we need all the laughing we can get now days.

If you can purchase liquids from a local brewery, winery or distillery, do so. I know the folks at Brau Brothers Brewing, Grandview Valley Winery, Painted Prairie Vineyard, Bank Brewing and many others would be very appreciative and you would increase their belief in what they are doing for us.

Spread the goodness by volunteering for a charitable organization — ring a bell, distribute food, help with testing, read to a child, write a letter to a pen pal, help deliver groceries or whatever rings your bell. Naturally, all this is to be done safely and wisely but, we can spread the goodness in someway.

Show concern for someone by helping in someway. Maybe safely sit with a couple’s children for awhile so the parents can have a break? Call a friend and just talk about your concerns — usually what happens, is that you’ll end up laughing together. Why not each of you have a glass of Line 39 Pinot Grigio in your hands as you talk? Let the pear taste ease some worries.

There’s goodness in nature — take a walk and see and smell it. Listen to the birds call each other and hear the breeze through the bare branches. Watch the squirrels as they sprint around preparing for winter. Let nature ease some of your burden and then go back and open a bottle of André California Champagne. With its easy sipping acidity and sharp dry finish, you’ll know the goodness of this wine.

Hey, how about finding goodness in food? Boil up some pasta, make a delicious pasta sauce and pour a glass of DaVinci Chianti. The wines of Tuscany are fantastic and this one is so easy to drink and enjoy. You’ll love its medium body and delicious light cherry taste and aroma.

There’s so much goodness to be found in today’s world — despite the craziness we are going through now. Find the goodness, and like Dolly, believe that goodness will prevail.

See goodness, give goodness and like the circle of life, it will come back to you.

I believe that.

As always, eat and drink in moderation but laugh with reckless abandon!



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