To softly repeat what we all know, there’s a whole lot of stress, anxiety and tension in today’s world.

I know that sentence will not surprise you but sometimes we have to face the “elephant” in the room before we can let it out of the room. The key to that escape is finding the right key to the right door.

And, that’s where susurration comes into play.

Amidst the freneticism of our daily lives, let’s invite in a little whispering.

So, let’s find a way to relax.

I expect you might have found yourself reading more than ever and that’s a good way to hear the softness of words. I’ve always been a reader, but of course, life got in the way of that activity and now I’m finding enjoyment in just sitting back, opening a book and letting it take me to places where I can think and improve myself.

For example and along with a glass of Frontenac Rosé from Falconer Vineyards, I am perusing Hugh Johnson’s “Pocket Wine Book, 2020.” It gives a huge amount of up to date information on the world’s wines, growers and wine regions — it’s heavy reading but there’s so much to learn. Why a rosé with such a magnum opus? Well, call it a study in contrasts.

The book is deep and the wine is light. The book is, at times, hard to understand but the wine is easy to understand with its light crisp strawberry taste. The book is iconic and, if the wine is not yet, it should be. The book’s overwhelming information is mind boggling but the wine is always easy on you — it whispers to you.

Another activity to aid us through this time is meditation.

A key to meditation is to listen and this always surprises me. For some reason, I’ve always been a listener — maybe because I’m so shy? Yeah, right! Can I blame this listening attitude on my five sisters who always talked over and around me (I can say that because none of them are around me now!)?

No, I enjoyed the open field, the quietness of our farm grove and the specialness of an evening with stars glistening in the sky — I listened for the quiet and it was always there. Yes, harder to notice at times but always there.

When I opened my first bottle of Edna Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, I meditated. Hmmm, what am I sensing? I entered into myself and thought through the tasting experience. The sight of the wine is soft red, the aroma wisps into your nostrils, the flavor sits gently on your tongue and then it goes gently down your throat — susurration surrounds you.

A further activity to aid us through these nervous times is walking. Yes, you can walk for cardio reasons but, you can feel good about walking … period. Not all of us can walk as fast as we used to walk but do it. I like to call it sauntering — a time to sense the outdoors (If possible…) and work up a bit of a thirst.

That’s when it’s time to turn to a nice Radio Boka Verdejo. After your whispering walk, unscrew the cap from the chilled bottle, pour a glass of the fresh wine and think about what you just experienced during your walk. The crisp green apple taste will refresh you and rejuvenate your being for another round of today’s world.

An exercise many people use to relax is yoga. In full disclosure, it’s not my thing. Even when I was younger, I wasn’t a very flexible person, and yes, yoga is to help with that, but it’s difficult. It’s like me and Campari.

Campari is a an Italian liqueur, considered an apéritif and is made by infusing herbs and fruits into the liquid. Gorgeous dark red in color but it’s really bitter. There’s not too much room for subtleness here and definitely not for whispering. It’s an in your face bitter liquid but there’s an upside to it.

It’s an ingredient in making wonderful tasting cocktails. I know how it tastes, will never stop using it in my Manhattan cocktails but wonder if it’ll ever whisper to me. I guess we’ll see about that.

The other day I was the recipient of a bottle of Sandeman Old Tawn Porto. It’s aged for 40 years and is a classic. It’s been my pleasure to taste it before and I eagerly opened the bottle. It was my nightcap for the day and it talked to me before I even removed the cork.

My memory told me what to expect — a tingling sensation on my tongue, a mixture of sugary/citrus tastes at mid taste and a soft wispy finish. I wasn’t disappointed. I wish I could sit with you, listen to the whispering of the nigh, and together we would sip this unique port.

The elephant in the room is us. We need to learn how to restrain ourselves for the good of our society and to have more patience with those who have opposing viewpoints than ours.

As always, eat and drink in moderation but laugh with reckless abandon!



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