How about a ‘scary’ laugh?

It’s Halloween time! Enjoy it!

It seems I say something like this about each of our four seasons: “This is my favorite time of the year.” We forget how special each season is to us and how lucky we are to have them. I’ve lived where there’s hot and humid summer 11 months of the year followed by one not so hot and humid month of the year. Loved the culture and people of southwest Louisiana but, if push comes to shove, give me my four seasons.

So, before more snow and cold descend upon us, let’s enjoy…Halloween!

There’s something about the holiday of Halloween that’s so enjoyable. Nope, it’s not the blood dripping movies or the horror stories. It’s not about always trying to scare someone. It’s about having fun, watching our children dress in their costumes and the smiles that come with the challenge of: “Trick or Treat!”

Halloween is pumpkin carving time and people love it! Our family has always carved pumpkins and, although, we are now living across the eastern part of our country, we still gather as many kids as possible and carve our favorite faces on those beautiful winter squashes. It’s a rite of passage and gives the season permission to now do its thing — but please hold off as along as possible!

It’s also very enjoyable for us to tell each other jokes at this time of the year and to try and buffalo each other. You can imagine what kind of jokes our kids tell us, and of course, I respond. It’s the Dad thing to do, right? After all, I am their father and doesn’t patriarchy beat…ah, maybe I should stop there since I see a dark and scary hole in front of me!

Jokes are so important to us. We may not realize just how much we like them and might began to take them for granted but let’s not do that. Today, tomorrow and forever jokes give us the chance to think creatively and enter another person’s life with a laugh.

BTW, I saw some little pumpkins crossing the street yesterday. Do you know who was helping them? Well, obviously, it was the crossing gourd! Ever wonder what kind of wine a crossing gourd would enjoy?

I think the gourd would like a soft white wine with nice creamy tastes and mild citrus flavors — like a glass of Bogle Phantom Chardonnay. If your choice of an autumn wine falls on the white spectrum, here’s an excellent choice for you — just be careful and watch those crossing gourds.

One of my favorite pastimes is listening to music. I have my favorite artists and like a wide range of music genres, but lately it seems I am going back to classic rock. Maybe those tunes bring back memories of past Halloweens but, whatever the reason, I find some comfort in them.

BTW, do you know what kind of music mummies like to listen to on Halloween? If you know mummies like I do, you know they only like wrap music!

I’ve also been told that mummies like their wine spicy so let’s pop the cork from a bottle of 7 Deadly Zins — a very good red from Lodi, CA. Mummies like this wine for its nice raspberry fragrance that goes along with the flavors of cinnamon and oak. And, there’s a bit of sweetness — mummies love sweetness.

BTW, do you know what a ghost’s favorite dessert is? Like everyone else, it’s I-scream!

And, what goes nicely with that dessert? How about a nice bit of Charles Smith’s The Velvet Devil — a nice wine that pairs nicely with a devil’s food cake!

There are so many books and movies about vampires and Halloween is tailored made for them. They can be so lovable (?) and so icky to view. And, BTW, do you know what it feels like to be kissed by a vampire? It’s a real pain in the neck!

And, since vampires like blood, how about a nice blended red wine for them — like the Witching Hour Red Blend. This is a wine that never ceases to get your attention with so many tastes and is never a pain in the neck.

Oh, BTW, do you know why the ghost went into the bar? Well, come on, it was for the boos!

Well, like all sinners I need something to get me through a day and laughs are so good for the mind, body and soul. Thankfully, Prayers of Sinners Red Blend will assist me through the amazing humor of Halloween and prepare me for the next season.

Almost forgot — do you know which class was the witches favorite class in school? She loved spelling!

Happy Halloween, folks! Enjoy!

As always, eat and drink in moderation but laugh with reckless abandon!



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