One day

I believe music is the best medium to bring people together.

Recently, I’ve heard a lot of people say that, one day, we’ll get back to normal. The two words — one day – have become almost a chant for us. We say it without thinking about them — it’s just, one day…

Then, I heard the song entitled “One Day” by Matthew Paul Miller who’s also known as Matisyahu.

I went to YouTube, found it and sat enthralled by what I was seeing and hearing. A mixed group of people singing a song about a one day when we will not fight each other, our kids will play together and we will love and respect one another. I encourage you to find the song and listen to it.

One day…

We’re filled with one days during our life’s journey, and as I sat listening to the song by Matisyahu, I began to reflect on the number of past and future one days I’ve encountered and anticipate in the future.

I thought about my mother. When I was young and she was still able to play the piano, I used to whistle to the tunes she played. She always said that one day I would not only whistle but play the piano. Unfortunately, that never happened.

At a church program and when I was in ninth grade, I was asked to read First Corinthians 13, 1-13. I practiced it at home many times and couldn’t figure out what was being said in the middle verses. I asked Mom and she simply remarked that one day, I’d figure it out. I have done so and it remains my favorite chapter in the Bible.

Those are a couple of past one days — now about those one days in the future.

One day, I’ll get to taste the wines that are emerging from the countries of Ukraine and Georgia. These countries have been stifled by their repressive governments and are now coming back to life. It takes awhile for the vines to grow and produce but they’re at the production stage now and I eagerly look forward to tasting some of their Riesling and Cabernet wines. Wine was birthed in those regions‚ what a history and to taste a bit of it will be awesome! One day…

One day, I’ll get to Ireland to visit my dear friend who lives just south of Dublin. We worked together for a number of years in ministry and built a strong relationship based on mutual interests — especially, Guinness Stout. I eagerly anticipate the day when we can come together again, meet at St. James’ Gate in Dublin and have a Guinness in Guinness. One day…

One day, I’ll get to complete my wish to visit Norway with my whole family in tow. We’ll walk the island and shorelines my grandfather walked. Meet our relatives and rebuild the bridges that have been erased by time. And, while there…

We’ll sample wines from the farthest north vineyards in the world — those located in the southern part of Norway and I have my eye on a winery called Skudenest Gaard Estate Winery. It’s located on the 58th parallel north and produces Pinot Blanc and Syrah — along with other varieties. One day…

One day, I’ll get to taste Minnesota’s latest addition to the state’s growing wine list — an Itasca. This year was to be the initial year of this wine being offered in the state and, of course, it’s very hard to find. It’s supposed to be quite flavorful, crisp and fresh. One day…

One day, I’ll be a better person! That’s a work in progress but as First Corinthians tells us: “But faith, hope and love abide. And, the greatest of these is love.” I have faith things will be better one day. I have hope we can all live together in love one day. I hope one day I’ll not only talk the talk, but walk the walk of that verse.

Which brings us back to the song “One Day.”

Music binds us together in a way nothing else can. Naturally, we all have our favorite type of music but it’s still music and if there’s a common area within which we can come together today, it’s through sharing a glass of wine, a pint of brew or a cocktail while we tap our foot to the beat of a song.

One day we’ll make it — I believe!

As always, eat and drink in moderation but laugh with reckless abandon!



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