Your place of peace

Many of us are finding some peace either in our backyards or by walking in a park.

In today’s anxiety-filled society, there’s a sincere need to find your quiet spot — your spot of serenity. It’s important to have your alone time to solve issues, relax, find humor, let something go and, well, be yourself.

That’s why we need our places of peace — for mental balance. All of us have many daily matters that demand our immediate attention and much of that attention is given to helping someone or something else. We need to take care of ourselves.

Psychiatrists tell us to always set aside time for ourselves — it’s a healing endeavor and I wonder how many of us carve out a quiet time on a daily basis.

Let’s try this — everyday schedule yourself into your schedule.

Find your place of peace, ease a glass of your favorite wine into you hand and take a solitary deep breath. Let your mind roam freely to address whatever is bothering you or amusing you. Be true to yourself.

And, let the wine speak to you through your senses.

If your best friend wine is a red, go for it! Like a Pinot Noir? Take a sip and imagine those fresh tasting cherries in front of you. Smell them! Like a Malbec? Let the fullness and heaviness of the wine push your worries away — at least for a bit of time. If you’re a Cabernet Sauvignon fan, a Sangiovese liker, a merlot lover or a Tempranillo taster, let the sensuousness of the wine find peace within you.

If a brisk Rosé is your thing, chill it and chill out. Look at the gorgeous color, smell its softness and a smile will fill your being.

And, if your wine of passion is a white wine, you have so many choices. You’ll find them across the sweetness spectrum — from very sweet to dry, from high acidity to luscious mouth watering fruits and they are all waiting to give you some solace.

Like a Reisling? They come in all levels of sweetness — sip it and enjoy. How about a chardonnay? Seek the buttery creaminess of the liquid and simple laugh. Then, there’s always a Sauvignon Blanc, a Chenin Blanc, a Viognier, a La Crescent and so many more. All of them want you to take time with them.

It’s a bit chaotic out there but we can help ourselves by pairing our favorite wine to our favorite alone spot. If you feel like having a little company from a friend or family member, the wine will smile back at you! One day things will settle down and you can think back on what you learned about finding your place of peace.

As always, eat and drink in moderation but laugh with reckless abandon!



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