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Hey! What did the grape say when it got stepped on? The answer later…

Yes, maybe it’s time to focus on laughter and funny, silly things, alright with you? I’ve noticed lately there are folks who are virtually pushing some humor and more and more people are replying.

Within our family, we’ve started a silly joke/pun a day and it has produced a number of results. The joke keeps us in touch, our senses of humor are utilized and we talk and laugh when we connect. In case you haven’t noticed, these are all positive actions which have led to other positive family actions.

Oh, by the way, the grape “wined” a little when it got stepped on!

In honor of that fruity joke, I think I’ll pull out a chilled bottle of Bogle Rosé that’s been getting ready for me since last night in the fridge. Some of days have been a bit hot lately — nope, they’ve been down right hot! This wine from Bogle has a beautiful light pink color and it has the required amount of minerality to produce a light acidic taste to join with its light grapefruit aroma. So refreshing…

Hey! Do you know what’s the best balanced diet? The answer later…

Our New York City-based grandsons are home bound, and as challenging as that can be for their parents, and as much as we Minnesota-based grandparents would like to hold them, we get to virtually see the magnificent castles the boys make of boxes and kitchen utensils.

Then, there are the FaceTime chats with the boys playing guitars and creating their version of Metallica’s song “Enter Sandman” — absolutely wonderfully hilarious!

Oh, by the way, the best balanced diet is one in which you hold a glass of wine in each hand!

Well, if that’s the best balanced diet, who am I not to follow such impeccable instructions? Therefore, let’s bring out the bottle of Louis M. Martini’s Cabernet Sauvignon and enjoy its rich Napa, California, taste.

I really enjoy this wine’s richness and full bodied taste. The soft cherry taste is awesome and is followed by some light luscious oak with a long lingering finish. It’s a full bodied wine in sight, sense and appearance.

Hey! A bee goes into a bar and two hours later it comes out doing what?

I was listening to my son-in-law’s podcast (He’s the editor of the Daily Beast’s Half Full — all about the whiskey industry.) last night and he was discussing with a friend of his about how the virus situation was impacting the life of whiskey — particularly in NYC. Some of the iconic bars of the city have closed and they were lamenting the loss of these venues.

However, in their conversation, it became clear that it wasn’t about the loss of drinking alcohol but the loss of socialization that accompanies the sharing of a cocktail. They always, always stress moderation in alcohol consumption and the podcast ended with them agreeing the world of beverages would be changed for awhile but then, people would start coming together to talk and laugh face to face.

Oh, by the way, the bee came out of the bar buzzed! What did you expect from a bee??

With that flighty attempt at humor, let’s open a bottle of Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio — a terrific white wine. It comes from the Trentino-Alto Adige region of norther Italy where the grapes are grown in high altitudes and the coolness and refreshing tastes of the wine reflect those Alps.

Think some lemon and a bit of tart citrus along with a thirst quenching crispness and you’ve got this wine nailed. It’s simply gorgeous!

Hey! Women are like fine wine — they improve with age. Men, however, tend to do what?

You know, I think we need to accept the fact that life will be challenging at times and we’ll all bear the scars of those challenges. That means there will be times when we can’t change things right away but we must accept the challenge and work to change those challenging times to times full of light, laughter and togetherness.

Oh, by the way, if women are like fine wine and improve with age, then men obviously improve with age, too! Speaking totally objectively, of course!

As I travel this interesting road right now, I like to think that all wines improve with age. The older I get, the better I like them all!

As always, eat and drink in moderation but laugh with reckless abandon!’



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