An alone time wine tour

Well, it seems I’ll/we’ll be spending a bit of time being alone.

Is that going to be a bad thing or a good thing? The answer, to borrow Bob Dylan’s phrasing, is blowing in the wind and that wind is going to be blowing for a bit of time. How we as a society handle that wind is going to determine how long we’re going to be alone.

How do we make our alone times a good thing? I guess we need to use some creative imagination and go back to yesterday’s wisdom and activities.

When our pioneer ancestors were housebound during a long winter, they worked from home, played games with each other, taught their kids the ABC’s of spelling and life and, generally relied upon each other to get through the tough times.

Interesting that since we are now home bound, we’ll work from home, play games with each other, teach our kids and grand kids the ABC’s of life and spelling and will generally rely on each other to get us through the tough times.

Some things don’t change, do they? What does change and needs to change is our mental ability to handle aloneness. We are so used to being connected face to face at work, play and leisure that this bit of time in front of us will mean accepting being alone as a good thing.

So, I got to thinking. I had hoped to go on a personal winery tour but that’s history right now. What if…?

What if I have a wine tour within our living abode? Oh, the possibilities are unlimited!

Let’s start with the kitchen. As you make meal after meal — and I hope that means both sexes are making meals — what wine would you want to be accompanying you as you dance around the kitchen?

I know someone — JD — who loves chardonnay and, in my estimation, that would be a perfect wine for the kitchen. It’s easy to sip and wouldn’t interfere with you reading a recipe. It wouldn’t dominate your attention but soothe it and allow you to keep your thoughts on the making of the meal.

I like North Shore Winery’s (Lutsen, MN) Chardonnay. Besides being bottled on the North Shore of Lake Superior and a state winery, it gives us the perfect Chardonnay. It has a nice creamy aroma and taste which allows us to enjoy the full rich taste of the wine. You can leave me alone with this one and I’ll be happy.

Continuing on our cooped in wine tour, you’ll find yourself in the living room. This is a room for visiting and for relaxing, right? You want a wine that’s approachable and comforting — like a merlot.

Let’s take a glass of Paris Valley Road Wines (Paso Robles, CA — one of my favorite wine producing regions) Merlot. This region is located in the perfect spot with rocky soils and a coastal climate that provides warm days and cool nights. This allows the grapes to fully develop into luscious flavored bunches and it’s all here in this merlot.

Lots of warmness with a soft cherry taste and aroma. It has a surprising full mouth feel and just keeps on giving and giving. As you sit with your family in the living room, just sit back and enjoy the amazing friendliness of this wine.

Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself in the dining room. And since this room is aptly named, we eat there. You want a wine that goes well with anything and any person. How about a Pinot Noir?

You grab a bottle of Castle Rock Winery’s (CA) Pinot Noir and place it on the table beside — any dish you wish to eat. It’s that companionable — it pairs nicely with anything. You can enjoy the soft tannins and elegant mild plum/spice flavors as you begin your culinary delights. Here, you don’t want to be alone — this is time with family — even in these windy times.

Have you noticed how antsy you’ve been feeling lately? Maybe it’s time for a walk and away you go to get some nature and fresh air. When you return, it’s not exactly warm but wouldn’t it be nice to sit on the patio or porch and have some refreshment? You’ll need a wine that can take on the elements and win.

Cupcake Vineyards Black Forest Decadent Red is a perfect choice. It’s a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon for body, merlot for lusciousness, Zinfandel, Petite Verdot and Petite Sirah for color and spice. Now, you can end your alone time wine tour and feel you’ve accomplished something today.

Yes, the wind is blowing right now but working and supporting each other will get us through this storm. Remember, it’s alright to be alone sometime — it allows us to rethink, realign and realize just what’s important in our lives.

As always, eat and drink in moderation but laugh with reckless abandon!



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