No! Wait!!

It’s a bit unsettling because I believe it’s still summer.

It seems the advertisers are urging the seasons forward, but it’s still summer!

When one looks at newspapers and other media sources, there seems to be an upswing in advertising for fall. And, winter apparel. And, Christmas. Christmas being pushed now? It’s still summer.

I believe the autumnal equinox isn’t until Sept. 23, and, as I write this, it’s Sept. 1. May I make a suggestion? How about we let summer be summer, fall be fall and not begin Christmas shopping until at least after Halloween?

We all know our summer has been challenging with all the rains and cool weather and, since we have about three weeks of official summer still remaining, let’s enjoy it.

Yes, schools have started classes, football and volleyball are in full swing and our kids are walking back into the hallowed halls of learning. Yes, it’s cool and we’re probably starting to get out the fall jackets and sweaters but, technically, it’s still summer.

Can we let the Christmas ads rest a bit longer before being inundated by them? This year we’ve earned every day of summer we can get so, let it be summer.

We can wait for fall and winter — both seasons will be here soon enough. So, no! Let it be summer!

As I bellyached about this matter to a family member, I reminded myself to stay with summer wines and beers. By golly, American commerce may scream to buy your holiday items now but, to me, it’s summer and I’ll celebrate it as long as I can. How about I continue my celebrating with a nice summer beer?

Why not pull out of the frig a cold bottle of Leinenkugel Summer Shandy? Oh, it so delicious with its yeasty look and sweet, lemon taste. It’s hard to beat this tasty summer beauty and I’ll enjoy it until its last bottle departs from the shelf. But, wait a moment! What do I see in the store’s beer frig?

An Oktoberfest beer by Brau Brothers Brewing Co.. Well, after all, an Oktoberfest is seasonal and it wouldn’t be around much longer. Perhaps I should begin to enjoy this short seasonal brew right now. Why wait? Here’s why you don’t wait…

Brau’s Oktobrfest is a Marzen style lager and needs to be honored by opening a bottle and pouring the liquid into a glass for sipping. The first thing you’ll notice is its malty aroma that will remind you of grandma’s biscuits. Then the beer’s taste brings pleasure to you as the soft caramel taste mingles with the mild hops.

I still want to wait to finish summer but, darn, that’s a good fall beer!

And, even though I’m complaining about jumping the season, I must admit there’s enjoyment in drinking a nice dark beer such as Bank Brewing Co.’s Into The Black. A dark beer is soothing during the summer, the fall, the winter — oh, anytime of the year and Into The Black is very good.

Your eyes will see the dark of the brew but your taste buds will taste creaminess — gentle soft creaminess. However, although the heavy hop additions take over your senses very quickly, the creamy toasty taste of chocolate cannot be missed. Wait for the dry finish and don’t be afraid of the dark.

No, wait! It’s still summer, dang it, and we can still enjoy a nice IPA such as a Summit’s Sága. I have enjoyed this beer for quite some time and it never fails to satisfy me.

I like the beers heavy hop aroma and taste but it has a way of not being over the top hoppy. There’s enough barley malt in the mix to nicely even out the heavy hop taste and aroma. I know many brewers don’t like it when a beer is labeled “balanced” but this one is balanced to me. I can’t wait for that next 80 degree day when I can pull out my Sága.

Wait a moment. Summer wines are still here and calling for us to value their being before it gets too cold.

How about we open a bottle of Terra D’Oro Winery’s Pinot Grigio? It’s such a pleasant white wine when chilled and its grapefruit and apple tastes are so pleasing that it makes you smile. Even with all the fruitiness of the wine, there’s still the nice crisp dry finish. No need to wait — enjoy all year.

Another white wine that is good to try anytime is CK Mondavi and Family’s Chardonnay. This is a citrusy wine that opens with aromas of lemon that soon lead to nice tastes of apple and pear. However, the winemaker hasn’t forgotten to bring in some oak for a nice soft creamy finish. Don’t wait, try it.

OK, I guess we are truly getting to the end of summer and I’ll adjust to that transition. However, don’t push Christmas yet! It can wait until at least halfway through fall.

As always, eat and drink in moderation but laugh with reckless abandon!