History of the Lyon County Fair

Part III

At the 60th annual Lyon County Fair in 1963, grand champions included Kathleen Fuhrman of the Clifton Happy Workers 4-H Club who won champion beef showman. Her Hereford steer took reserve champion and champion 4-H Hereford. Bob Babcock of Amiret showed grand champion Arabian Stallion, El Kasmir. Grand champion dairy animal (two years running) was a Jersey junior yearling shown by Mike Moorse of the Nordland Top-Notchers 4-H Club. Two cousins, Jim and Don Theunick, took most of the 4-H swine honors at the fair — Jim showed the grand champions and Don was named champion swine showman.

According to the Balaton Press, “The Big League of Auto Racing ‘Minnesota State Stock Car Racing’ sanctioned car races were held at the Lyon County Fair on Aug. 25, 1963, where the top Midwest drivers were moving in for a shot at the big cash purse.” Racers from Lyon County included Melvin Zimmerman of Tracy and Duane Breyfogle of Marshall.

According to the Aug. 29, 1963, issue of the Tracy Headline Herald, the following exhibitors received awards in “Home Arts”: “Deanna Mielke of Balaton copped four blue ribbons in clothing with two sweaters and two dresses. Mrs. Laurence Wickman of Balaton had eight blue ribbons in the foods department with an assortment of cookies, bread, rolls and cake. Mrs. August Coudron of Milroy had three firsts with a coffee cake, swing kit, and summer squash. Mrs. Donald Fogelson of Balaton won firsts with an oil painting, pastel painting, pencil drawing and decorated bottle. Mrs. Warren Johnson of Balaton copped a blue ribbon for a lady’s coat. Mrs. Cyril Buysse of Tracy entered winners with grapes, tomatoes and a floating arrangement. Mrs. Rude Mitzner of Balaton had 18 blue ribbons with fruits, vegetables, flowers and an adult wool dress. Mrs. Floyd C. Schultz, Amiret, copped six first places with gourds, muskmelons and nut varieties. Mrs. Herb Fricke, Balaton, won 19 blue ribbons for showing the best corn, beans, onions and several flower varieties, plums and carrots. Mrs. Al Mitzner, Balaton had four firsts with cucumber, radish, hot dish and a knit doily. Mrs. Arnold Vosberg, Currie, was awarded 16 blue ribbons for her vegetables, fruits and flowers. Jack Lee of Balaton captured first places with two paintings and two flower exhibits, Mrs. Vosberg of Currie also scored in the fine arts division with about 22 blue ribbons and 18 second-place entries with everything from a crocheted rug to dish towels. Alvin Schultz, Amiret, had a blue ribbon for early sweet corn and 30 ears of hybrid. Mrs. George Willford, Garvin, had four firsts with a luncheon set, tablecloth, braided silk and strawberries. Mrs. Durwood Seaton, Balaton, had four blue ribbons for a tomato collection and some flowers. Susan Dayland, Balaton, had four firsts with some garden produce and jelly.

Louis Herbert, Amiret, showed 10 corn ears for a blue ribbon and Mrs. George Wilkison of Garvin had a blue ribbon for flat cabbage. Joan Mitzner of Balaton had two firsts with soap and pajamas. Mrs. William DeWitt Balaton had seven firsts in the flower department and for eggs. Floyd Schultz of Balaton also won a blue ribbon for a corn display. Mrs. Adolph Schentzel of Balaton had two blue ribbons for tomatoes and rhubarb. Mrs. Gerhard Olson, Garvin, copped a first with a tablecloth and Mrs. William Schramm of Balaton first with a woven rug. Seven firsts in the food division went to Mrs. Otto Loeck, Balaton, while Sharon Steward, also of Balaton, won a blue ribbon in baking. Mrs. Lester Chandler, Balaton, had four firsts. Most of those listed also won heavily in the second and third place departments getting red and white ribbons plus premiums.”

(Continued next week)

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