An introduction

The day began with a communication asking me to introduce someone to someone.

My initial response was: “Certainly!” I’d be happy to accomplish that task but then reality set in.

What reality? The two someones are many miles apart and how does one make an introduction when separated by over 100 miles. I could do an email introduction but that seemed so “cold.” I’d have difficulty arranging a physical meeting between the two someones because I didn’t know their schedules.

Since it would be difficult for the two someones to meet face-to-face, I used the method that feels good to me — if you can’t see someone, talk to them.

Through personal experience, I’ve learned that hearing someone’s voice is critical to better understanding that person. It’s like the first stepping stone in building a relationship and, therefore, I arranged for the two someones to talk on the phone.

As I listened to their opening remarks to each other over the speakerphone, I sensed their mutual interests in how they shared information and humor. It was a good start to their relationship and one that will continue to grow as they become more acquainted with each other over future discussions, cups of coffee/tea and maybe even over a glass of wine.

How often do you consider it an introduction when you open a new bottle of wine? Most of us just think we’re tasting a new or different wine. Introductions are only between people, right?

I expect we all know introductions come in many situations –including our first meetings with new foods, sights and, well, with life in general. Introductions are gateways to the world.

Therefore, if one can be introduced to a new wine, I have some new wines I’d like to introduce to you.

May I introduce you to Concannon Vineyard’s Petite Sirah? Located in the Livermore Valley near San Francisco, the vineyard has been active for over a century and this wine is considered America’s first petite sirah. The typical petite sirah grape is small in comparison to the size of other grape varieties but that smallness is loaded with taste.

Concannon’s Petite Sirah has a luscious mouth feel. Upon taking a sip, the richness of the grape explodes in your mouth. There’s a wonderful blueberry taste that is buttressed by some mild spiciness, but the finish is the most interesting. Rather than having a dry spicy finish, this wine’s finish is long lasting and soft. If you haven’t tried a petite sirah, this is the perfect one with which to begin.

Now, may I introduce you to a beautiful white wine from New Zealand? Prophecy’s Sauvignon Blanc is from the Marlborough region of that country and, if you never been to New Zealand, this wine is an excellent introduction to the country.

Besides having a very cool label — a picture of what I’d call the Prophetess — the wine is a delight to pair with any meal. One expects a bit of lemon in a sauvignon blanc but this wine has a wonderful grapefruit forward taste to couple with that hint of lemon. Its finish is crisp and quickly ends with a slight taste of grass. Yes, grass! Overall, it’s a tasty and exciting way to get to know something about New Zealand.

The last wine I’d like to introduce to you comes from Walla Walla, Washington. It’s Canoe Ridge Vineyard’s Cabernet Sauvignon called The Expedition. If you recall your American history class, back in about 1805, Lewis and Clark led their expedition to the Pacific Ocean through this region and this wine is a nod to that historical event.

The wine comes from the state’s Horse Heaven Hills appellation and it just might become one of my favorite reds. When I pulled the cork from the bottle, I was met with some very soft floral aromas and the first sip filled my mouth with plum tastes — mouth watering fruity plum flavors. What really caught my attention was the finish. With its alcohol content at 13.5 percent, one expects a dry finish, but not here. The finish was soft, lingering and velvety. An absolute delight to drink and it’s a wine I’m happy to introduce to you!


They are the pathway to building a new friendship, to having a face become familiar and, from what I’ve learned, to bring vigor and beauty into one’s existence.

On the day I introduced my two someones to each other, I had my first taste of Canoe Ridge Vineyard’s The Expedition Cabernet Sauvignon. It seemed a perfect ending to the day — an introduction at its beginning and an introduction at its end.

Next week, it’s getting to be love time…

As always, eat and drink in moderation but laugh with reckless abandon!



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