Are you sure you’re pro-life … really?

How pro-life are you?

Considering the voting demographics of the rural Midwest in general and southern Minnesota specifically, I’m going to assume most people who read this will be Republican.

And one of the Republican tenants is opposing abortion. In fact, I believe it’s the singular reason Donald Trump, an admitted adulterer, cheat, and bully was elected by the moral majority. They were scared to death by the prospect of a Democrat, especially Hilary Clinton, choosing possibly up to three Supreme Court justices.

For most, the anti-abortion stance is rooted largely in Christian beliefs, in which God alone creates life and as such, it should be protected by us, only to be taken by God alone.

But again I ask, how pro-life are you … really?

Are you pro-immigrant life? There certainly seems to be a prevailing opinion that immigrants of any sort, whether they be fleeing drug wars in Mexico, political upheaval in the Middle East, or whom are looking for a better life simply aren’t welcome here; unless of course they jump through our legal hoops and have a job nobody else could ever want.

We will build a wall to make sure they can’t come in because in reality, when we say pro-life, we really only mean American lives.

Well, sort of.

Are you pro-poor life? What about that mother you see in the checkout aisle at the local grocery store with five bratty kids, food stamps and a cart filled with Twinkies, soda and frozen pizza? Are you quick to judge, assume and label her as someone who should have stopped with two kids? Or one? Or maybe none if she has to have food stamps to feed them.

Still 100 percent pro-life?

Or what about the real dregs of society … the criminals? Are you really concerned about the sanctity of life if our imperfect justice system finds a man guilty of murder or rape, or both, or are you more focused on vengeance and justice?

I find Christians support of the death penalty rooted in arrogance. In essence, we are stating we know God is done working in that person’s life, so we take it upon ourselves to end it.

Maybe I’m oversimplifying it … but I don’t think a person should ever take what they can’t give.

It’s easy to say you are pro-life, but it’s difficult to live like it. Our society has become one that is pro-life only if the life behaves properly and is the right nationality and economic status. I would even question how pro-life many of us are regarding those who don’t share our same sexuality.

I think it’s important we protect the lives of the unborn, and that unwavering pro-life stance alienates me from the Democratic party. However, I would argue though once that child is born, it is equally morally imperative to continue to protect and care them, no matter how offensive they may be to our sensibilities.

Anything less than life really isn’t advocating for a true pro-life stance.


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