Abortion kills as desire deceives contracepting and commodifying

To the editor:

Today in this society centered in desire there is sold a solution to cure us from the ailment of the undesired even at the cost of life. Thus, a culture of death has ushered in since society rejected the wisdom found in Humanae Vitae half a century and half a decade ago. Deceived in the revolution at that time, we as a society followed our blind desires and turned our hearts against that papal prophecy. Blindly progressing society builds a tower of technology contracepting and commodifying human life to reach for our desires, paying death’s price.

Following in the deception before us and declaring for ourselves the right, from wrong we fail to see the attack against humanity that contraception is. Ravaged by the revolution is the human body and its complementarity, especially attacking the female as she becomes an object for desire fettered by fertility. Stripped of generative difference we are found ashamed of our male and female complementarity aborting whatsoever fruit sprouts amidst and against our pleasure purposed unions.

On the tails of the coin faced with contraception desire flips to the graven image of the human commodity sold to satisfy our wanton hearts. Deprived of human dignity through deception, persons are manufactured in labs where women are made to be factories and people are plated on pornography’s platter. Degraded down to objects serving desire rather than subjects to be loved, humans are aborted in our throwaway culture when they serve not our desire.

Turning our hearts to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, celebrated the month of June, we avail ourselves to the Truth. The truth is that in embracing contraception society works against the order of human nature rather than with as natural family planning does. The truth is that each, and every, human being conceived should be received as his gift to be loved regardless of how desires are dissatisfied. Abiding in Truth we will no longer say blessed are the barren women but rather we will see that the fruit of the womb is his reward.

Timothy John VanMoer



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