Trump’s actions finally catching up to him

To the editor:

We currently have two very different versions of the news in the U.S., and the Republican rhetoric has many things about Biden and Trump flipped around.

For example, people were surprised when they heard President Biden’s State of the Union speech –and no, he wasn’t drugged. They were shocked to discover the real Joe Biden was not the sleepy old man they had been taught for years to hate. But then he never was; he has always been a decent, honorable, and competent man of Christian faith, and the Radical Right has people believing he’s the other guy, the one who falls asleep in the courtroom every day, who lies and rants gibberish about serial killers and fascism. Both men mean what they say, so believe it when Trump says, ” There will be a post-election Bloodbath if I don’t win; ‘I’ll be a Dictator,’ ‘Root out Vermin and the Threat from Within,’ ‘Execute Generals,’ ‘Lock up Political Enemies,’ ‘and Terminate the Constitution,” he means them those aren’t just personality flaws you should ignore. He is using dehumanizing language of past authoritarians, and his extremism is increasing violence. The people who worked for him in the last administration have warned us he is unstable; he doesn’t respect the Constitution or want people of good intent to be in charge.

Trump talks in circles while accusing his competition of his actions. Pay attention. He is the one who made a deal with the Taliban to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by May 1, 2021; he conspired to overthrow the US government; his lies have created domestic terrorists; they are the true “enemy from within”; he has normalized anti-democratic fascist ideas. President Biden has not.

Think about the rulers Trump loves and why he loves them. The civilized world doesn’t want him back. Last time, our Generals stepped up and prevented him from doing unimaginable things, and we owe them a huge Thank You. Given a chance, Trump says he will execute them next time.

Trump’s criminal trials are all his own doing; they should have happened years ago.

Lisa Haney



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