Socialism destroying American work ethic

To the Editor:

I have, at times, found myself in agreement with things Jim Muchlinski chooses to write about in his editorials. However, in his rambling May 16 editorial, he attacks conservatives and capitalism for the hyper inflation and other problems Americans currently face. He specifically blames “baby boomers” for America’s current woes. My parents were members of America’s “Greatest Generation” so as a proud baby boomer, Jim is attacking me.

My father, upon graduating from high school in June of 1942, immediately enlisted to fight what many thought was an unwinnable war. After returning home in 1946 from the Pacific Theater, my father and mother fell in love and were soon married. My sister and I were raised on a small rented farm with a dilapidated house.

I never felt poor because I always knew I was loved. My sister and I were taught the importance of an education and to love America, work hard, pay our bills and respect everyone. I was constantly told that I could have whatever I wanted in life if I was disciplined and worked hard. Millions of “baby boomers” were raised and taught exactly as I was.

On Jan. 20, 1981, Ronald Reagan in his inaugural address said, “government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.” Reagan was referring to the creeping socialism of his predecessor. Today socialism is destroying the family and the American work ethic. Socialism also destroys self-esteem and encourages dependency. Capitalism, not socialism, is the engine that drives our economy and why America remains the envy of the world.

John Coulter



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