Democrats breaking rules to hold onto power

To the editor:

The Democrats are not only defending State Senator Nicole Mitchell arrested for the criminal act of burglary but are disregarding that criminal act by allowing her to continue to maintain her seat in the senate in order to keep their one seat majority (34 D’s – 33 R’s). By maintaining their “slim” majority in the Senate, Democrats are able to continue to pass their radical Marxist agenda. And rest assured that Walz was more than happy to sign anything the Democrats set on his desk.

Minnesota Senator Nicole Mitchell, Democrat charged and arrested for burglary was the deciding vote to continue in sharing her new found skill with her fellow Democrats in the Senate in order to burglarize Minnesotans by breaking the rules and law to illegitimately vote to pass their over 6-inch tall, over 22-pound, 1,431 page Grand Theft Omnibus bill printed on both sides. The title of the bill required 6 pages of print. How’s that for a title?

Minnesota Democrats are more concerned about maintaining power and control over the people than maintaining the integrity and ethical standards of the body of the Senate. Apparently committing a criminal act is acceptable to Democrats and is of no significance when it comes to holding on to power and control.

Roger Baumann



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