Democrats abusing constitutional authority

To the editor:

The Marxist Democrats are, at any cost, destroying our country. They are attacking our Constitution by “infringing” on every individual God given right guaranteed and protected by our Constitution. You don’t have to look very hard to see that.

They are abusing their constitutional authority by “delegating” their legislative power to unelected administrative bureaucrats in agencies that regulate and tax (called fees and fines). In this way, many of the people we elect, who we mistakenly call “lawmakers” can deceive us into believing they have no responsibility for actions taken by these agencies. We are supposed to believe them, while at the same time, they provide funding, using our tax dollars of course, to operate these agencies.

How gullible and ignorant must they think we are? Well, perhaps we are that gullible and ignorant, because they have been doing exactly that for decades. Every election cycle we have been told how hard they will work to “fix” the things that are broken and don’t work out as planned, but at what cost? We the people pay for their mistakes and broken promises time after time and what do we do about it? We re-elect most of them over and over again expecting a different result. Too many people just throw their hands up and say “there’s nothing I can do about it or somebody should do something”.

Well, there is something you can do but you have to be the somebody to do it. Every legal citizen needs vote rather than a mere 60% in order to effect change.

If you believe in your creator, your country and your family, take the time and make the effort become active and do your duty as a citizen and assume your responsibility and stand up, be counted, vote, let your voice and actions speak to those who are trying to destroy what we have. Hold those we elect accountable and responsible for what they do. After all, they work of us, not the other way around. Be a proud patriot, love for country, the Constitution and what it stands for.

Roger Baumann



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