Biden allies stay loyal — Trump allies flee

To the editor:

Few ordinary voters know Presidential candidates personally. To assess their character and leadership skills, we depend on those who actually know them.

Using Google, I searched for “former Biden allies who don’t like Biden”. The first page of search results listed articles about ways in which Biden allies wanted to help Biden win the election. Next, I searched for “former Trump allies who don’t like Trump”. Even though Trump promised to hire the “best people”, the first page of search results contained article after article discussing the many people who worked closely with Trump but have since turned against him.

An article from last July declared, “Dozens served in Trump’s Cabinet. Four say he should be re-elected.” Reporters contacted 44 of Trump’s high-level appointees including some suggested by the Trump campaign. Only four of them publicly admitted their support for Trump.

People who worked closely with Trump seem reluctant to commit to him again. Many of them have publicly stated that it would be wrong to elect him again. Those disaffected allies include former Vice President Mike Pence and most of Trump’s national security staff.

For example, Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton said, “By the time I left the White House I was convinced he was not fit to be president.” Trump’s Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said, “I think he’s unfit for office.” In this space I could not quote from all the allies Trump has alienated. People who have worked with Biden still support Biden. Many people who worked with Trump prefer someone else in the Oval Office, and some of those admit that Trump would ruin America if he was elected again.

Sherwin Skar



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