Electing senile Biden has consequences

To the editor:

In the past few weeks there have been many letters to the editor extolling the virtues and virility of the current White House resident. Again, it is obviously and glaringly apparent that these folks are getting their misinformation from the left leaning press and other media carrying water for Biden.

His hour-long shout out at the State of the Union address was his last gasp. If the folks who witnessed that hour of lies would watch clips of him shuffling to speaking events on NewMax or even some on Fox, they would see a senile old man who is not capable of an original thought. This can be seen by the need of note cards prepared ahead of time, by his handlers. It is doubtful he could wish you a good day without the aid of a cue card.

For you doubters, go to YouTube and type in some key words like ‘Biden, frail, confused”. While it is true that Trump is no saint, but if you overlook his personality, you will certainly have to agree that we and for that matter most of the world was in much better shape four years ago. Examples can be given that include: gas prices under $2, trips for groceries that don’t require mortgaging your home, exporter of petroleum, making NATO members pay their fair share, no wars in Ukraine or the Middle East.

Add to this the 10 million or more illegals who have crossed our southern border. Who do you think is paying for their health care, education and housing? The most recent; his illegal student loan forgiveness. How many of you who paid your loans or never went to college agree with this scheme? Elections have consequences, keep that in mind in November.

Dan Markell



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