We need change, get involved

To the editor:

The current crop of politicians with the majority in St Paul are more concerned about power, control, their personal careers and the benefits that come with their positions than they are for the citizens they represent. Meanwhile, we as citizens are being forced to endure whatever collateral damage their policies and mandates cause. Laying blame on anyone other than ourselves for this is cowardly. You must get involved and actively commit time and energy to research the candidates you will be casting your vote for.

Get involved in vetting and choosing candidates wisely, instead of focusing your time and energy complaining about the results after they are in office for two, four or six years. Take a hard look at what damage has been done in the last legislative session here in Minnesota and how long we have to put up with this before there can be a change. God help us.

Are you okay with just sitting on the sidelines and become servants of the state? The damages done because of the complacency of some of the citizens of Minnesota in not knowing the ramifications of being uninvolved is astounding.

We need change and the only way that can happen is if citizens get involved.

Show up at the caucus on Feb. 27 at your local precinct. That is where your voice, opinion and resolutions can be heard and made.

Also, vote in the Primary on March 5. As a citizen, being involved and casting your vote is your civic duty.

Roger Baumann



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