Time for Biden, supporters to face reality

To the editor:

Just to bring all those who are still reading or listening to fake news, we need to bring you up to speed. Yesterday (Feb. 8) a Department of Justice prosecutor, who after an extensive investigation on Biden’s handling of classified documents when he was a senator and later, vice president determined violations had occurred . Just a note — no one except the president has authority to remove any documents. The left leaning prosecutor determined that Biden disclosed information on his illegally obtained documents with a ghostwriter who was in the process of writing Biden’s memoirs.

In addition, photos of sloppily stored in dog eared, broken down cardboard boxes in his garage and other unsecured locations were found. (But remember, Biden said the garage along with his Corvette was locked) The prosecutor determined that Biden had broken the law. Here is the kicker; even though he had broken the law, he used the lame excuse that a jury would not find him guilty because Biden would appear to be a friendly old man with a failing memory.

Consider this, Biden is not fit to stand trial but we give him the power to have his finger on the nuclear weapons system. Those of you who watched fake news commentaries after yesterday’s (Feb.8) report and later, Biden’s disastrous news conference might have noticed the sugar coating they put on the report. Joe, Jill and the many handlers pulling the strings need to face reality, stop this embarrassment and head to Wilmington-permanently.

Dan Markell



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