Its not classified docs you should be worried about

To the editor:

President Biden will not be charged for any wrongdoing in the mishandling of classified documents. The reason is not because he is innocent, but rather because he is considered feeble-minded due to his age. He cannot remember significant events in his personal history, including the death of his son, the years he served as Vice President, and the fact that he is no longer in that role.

This raises serious questions about his fitness to run the country. If he is not currently in charge, one might wonder who is. It is speculated that it is not Vice President Kamala Harris, given attempts to replace her. It is possible that Jill Biden or another high-ranking, non-elected Democrat is effectively running the country. This is suggested by a recent video from James O’Keefe, which features a conversation with a White House IT worker.

Another related issue is whether Congress could use the 25th Amendment to remove the president. While it is possible, the President’s office is not rushing to take a medical exam to assess his mental capabilities, and a divided Congress is unlikely to push the issue. This leaves the country in a precarious position, especially as the world has taken notice of potential conflicts involving Ukraine, Israel, and China, perceiving the President as weak.

The economy is still grappling with massive inflation, which some attribute to the current administration’s fiscal policies. Meanwhile, Senator Chuck Schumer has threatened to send Americans to Ukraine without spending $118 billion on a recent Border Bill.

The situation suggests that no one is in full control of the government, with each department acting independently.

Paul Vanmeveren



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