Farm country supports Fischbach

To the Editor:

In his Feb. 14 letter, Dennis Phelps attacks our U.S. Representative Michelle Fischbach for “not aligning herself with our liberal and socialist governor and U.S. Senators.”

I would remind him that Michelle is a Republican, who in 2020 easily upset Collin Peterson, a 30-year U.S. Representative. Had Fischbach ran as a liberal and/or socialist, she would not be our congresswoman. Her 7th district constituents seem very pleased with her. In 2022 she won a second term by destroying three other candidates with 67% of the vote.

It is clear that Mr. Phelps has TDS (Trump derangement syndrome) and that is fine. I would remind him that President Trump remains very popular in farm country. In 2020 Trump won 74 of Minnesota’s 87 counties.

As a conservative who understands history and politics, I check the Independent and other newspapers every day for letters to the editor supporting President Biden and his policies. In rural America the last three years, there are no such letters.

Democrats have a big problem this November because of their “elderly gentleman with a poor memory” and his record of failure.

John Coulter



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