Science revealing fingerprints of first cause

To the editor:

Gazing out at the massive macro and peering in on the minute micro we observe an obedience to order crafted into creation such that each has a place and a purpose. At our crowning place in creation humanity has been gifted with our rational minds that we may reason while applying the lens of science so to reveal to us the fingerprints of the first cause. Forming our relationship with the first cause we realize our purpose.

Stepping out of our purpose we plunder our place and in disobedience to order we utilize science to rationalize and reshape the universe to our utopia. Designating ourselves the designers we abort those seen not fit for our desire’s design. Subjugating science to our shaping we fall finding ourselves amongst the animals driven by appetite.

Properly perched upon our prepared place our eyes are opened to see that we are set apart living in this world not to be of this world. Accepting our call to be different than the world around us we proclaim purpose in love through relationship with the first cause. Turning to eternal love we grow in relationship here now that we may join everlasting in communion coming to know our Creator who is the beginning cause and Himself remains uncaused.

Conceived into us from our parents of origin we are not the first to stray from the way. Before them the father of lies struck out with his cry of non-servitude separating several some choosing ever so. Still today the world seeks to sell us an escape from this temporal exile at the cost of our intended life everlasting often under a smoke screen of smeared science. Our disorder desires deceive along with serpent’s tales and world constructs to pit faith and reason at constant conflict. Following with faith we begin to recognize the reflection of our Lord God throughout the universe within our reason. Reasoning through science we start to see God’s fingerprints throughout creation as He touches us here in this passing life inviting us to His everlasting.

Timothy John VanMoer



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