Sen. Dahms spreads misinformation

To the editor:

In his May 19 2023 e-newsletter, State Senator Gary Dahms outlined when he would be making visits to local areas. He also spread misinformation about education policy in Minnesota.

Sen. Dahms says in his newsletter (page 2) that new education policies will be “Mandating critical race theory (CRT) in public schools.” That is a fabrication and not even close to the truth. The policy he refers to has students learning about a variety of cultures, which will help them be more well-rounded citizens, increase their ability to effectively communicate with others, and will make it so students are more successful in the work-force and the world at large. CRT is a highly advanced theory used to critically examine the world and it is taught in certain graduate school programs…not in public schools to our kids.

Instead of accurately telling us about his views on this policy, Sen. Dahms attempted to feed us misinformation. This is a problematic on multiple fronts:

First, either Sen. Dahms attempted to deceive constituents, or he does not understand the policy and the difference between ethnic studies and critical race theory. Either one of those is unacceptable for a state senator.

Second, Sen. Dahms continues to spread misinformation regarding CRT in schools. There is zero evidence of this graduate school level theory being taught in our schools to kids. None. It has become a buzzword used by political pundits to drive a wedge between people in communities like ours. This myth needs to stop.

Third, this highlights how troubling the discourse surrounding public education has become. Teachers just want to help students be their best. The mere mention of trying to understand racial differences scares some folks to the point where they view learning about others as problematic. Simply bringing up learning about different cultures is often proclaimed as indoctrination and then teachers are labeled as enemies.

Teachers are the best our community has to offer. They are kind, patient, and giving. Our schools face intense challenges in this modern world. We should all be helping to make our community better by bolstering our teachers, not trying to tear them down. Fear mongering about diversity education does not help anyone.

To use a colloquialism, spreading lies about CRT in our public schools is bush league. Do better, Sen. Dahms.

Ben Walker



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