Surrogates and sperm donors brings storks delivering babies

To the editor:

Looking back at the cartoons of my youth I see there pictured for us by the cartoonists of yesterday the human production of babies found today. No longer fiction the stork delivering babies is the reality of our day. As a society today we no longer understand, which had been understood, that as an act of love, children deserve and have the right to be conceived through and brought to blossom within the marriage of their God given mother and father.

Turning a blind eye to God we now cease to seek to hear and answer His call ringing within us, rather we hold high the deaf ear while we bind our hands to the deceit of desire, perceiving for ourselves to author ever differing definitions for marriage and life. Making a mockery in the face of charity mothers are morphed into egg donors and persons with wombs while fathers are distanced as merely sperm donors. Neither of the donors nor the surrogate are necessarily involved with each other or the resultant child beyond the business of baby making as we simply harvest their life producing material and deface the woman’s womb, Christ’s first tabernacle, into a factory producing the commodity child. They who intend this commodity child place their order with a purchase and wantonly wait for delivery from a stork.

When we were children our thoughts were those of a child and as we age our thinking is to transcend the childish thinking of our youth. Deep down in our hearts, even as they are hard, we still know that storks are not intended to deliver babies as the cartoonist’s story was simply an age-appropriate answers to the child’s question of where do babies come from. God in His infinite love has instituted the marriage covenant within which He has commanded us to be fruitful and multiply and as we open our hearts to trust in Jesus, we are set free realizing that, as He has told us in His word, He is the way, the truth and the life.

Timothy John VanMoer



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