Rural health care roundtable discussion great opportunity

To the editor:

Robert Reich shared this insight: “How will you pay for it? is always asked about progressive policies that help the bottom 90 percent, never about bailouts, tax cuts, and subsidies for the top 1 percent.”

It is time to move beyond the powerful medical insurance and pharmaceutical lobby.

MinnesotaCare Public Option would expand health care access to more people who really need affordable and higher quality health care. What is MinnesotaCare? It is a public healthcare program for low-income working individuals. It is funded through state, federal and employee contributions.

The MinnesotaCare Public Option would serve to: Expand access to affordable healthcare by allowing middle-income Minnesotans struggling to afford high deductible plans on the individual market to buy-in to MinnesotaCare; Expand eligibility to include undocumented Minnesotans currently excluded from Minnesota Health Care Programs; Offer temporary assistance to help individuals and small businesses afford healthcare while the buy-in is being implemented; Create a path toward alternative care delivery systems that will work with providers to improve health outcomes, health equity, and access while maintaining affordability for the state and enrollees.

At my age, I am fortunate to be eligible for Medicare. Without it my healthcare bills would be astronomical. Many of my friends do not have access to affordable health care for their families. They pay huge premiums in addition to very large deductibles. It is not uncommon to see people’s health and well-being suffer, because too often they can’t afford to access medical care in a timely manner. We who have affordable health care need to understand that when others are able to access quality and affordable health care, we would not lose our piece. It isn’t pie.

Our rural community has an opportunity to hear and share about the state of health care in rural Minnesota. Saturday at 2 p.m., is a rural health care roundtable and public forum at the Marshall YMCA with State Sen. Erin Murphy. This is open to the public — a great opportunity to lift up the MinnesotaCare Public Option.

Darwin Dyce



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