Taxpayers need action, not retribution

May love be all you know

To the editor:

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been spouting about investigating Hunter Biden and impeaching the president. This is an obvious call for political retribution, and it was lost in the nonsense about Jewish space lasers and satanic cabals of pedophiles.

Now that the GOP is the majority party in the House of Representatives, more credible leaders have started the rumblings of a rumored investigation into Hunter Biden. It is a good thing that America is in such great shape that House has time to spend on inanities. I understand that Trump supporters feel this no more a time such than the Jan. 6 hearings. Never mind that Hunter is no an elected leader, or even a government worker.

Of course, that is like comparing convicting a bank president for embezzling with investigating an unscrupulous borrower who files bankruptcy and leaves the bank holding an uncollected loan balance, but Republicans don’t seem to care. As Mitch McConnell has so famously stated, their only goal for this administration is to obstruct any progress at all.

It’s time for taxpayers and voters to demand action on some of the very real problems we do face as a country.

Karen DeRoode



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