Supporting Our library

To the editor:

Libraries are the heart of every community. They are a place for everyone to grow, engage, and learn. For some, the library is a means of accessing the internet and technology. Others use the library to engage with the community, and, of course, it is a place to find thousands of adventures through books. Funding for the library is on the decline, and they need community support now more than ever. While many of us do not play a role in deciding how much money they receive, the entire community has the power to help the librarians and the library as a whole.

Donate books, engage in their events, inquire about being a Friend of the Library, visit their bookstore, or even get a library card. If you have the time and resources, contact local legislatures and let them know you support the library and would like to see more funding to maintain all of the great programs they have available. These are all great ways for our community to support our local library and the heart of our community.

Cassidy Herding



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