Legalize gummies in Marshall

To the editor:

I believe it is time to stop living in the past and accept what is.

Only two cities in Minnesota have banned the newly legalized marijuana gummies, Marshall included. Considering there are only select stores that could sell them, it would not change the identity of Marshall that we all know and love. It would include Marshall into Minnesota’s new norms. It would drive in more people from surrounding cities. This could possibly bump up sales all around the city, helping all our small businesses, that Marshall is so lucky to have.

Just because they would be available does not mean everyone is going to go out and get them. They are simply there as a party favor for people of age. I believe that legalizing them once again in the city of Marshall will benefit us more than it will hurt us. We are proud to be Minnesotan, and we should be proud of change.

Kenzie Christensen



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