Support our schools, ‘grow our own’

To the editor:

I’ve seen the value community partnerships bring to our schools throughout my years working for the city of Marshall. In that same spirit, the referendum seeking to reinstate an operating levy for our school district represents a big opportunity to make important investments to help our students find success.

On. 8, voters will decide whether to approve an operating levy of $675 per student. If approved, the operating levy would stabilize the district’s finances and protect essential student services in the face of rising costs, inadequate state funding, and expiring COVID relief aid.

After the last operating levy expired in 2018, the district has balanced its budget without cutting student services by carefully managing costs and taking advantage of COVID relief funding. But once those funds run out, the district will face a deficit of nearly $2 million. Without a new operating levy, the district will need to reduce its operating budget, likely impacting class sizes, staff levels, and funding for educational programming.

Your support of Marshall’s students and young families helps us “grow our own”, ensuring technical and college educated adults continue to have a productive and growing community to return home to.

Make sure to vote because this is a big decision for our schools! You can learn more about the financial plan, the impact on taxpayers, and how to vote by visiting the referendum website at TomorrowsTigers.org.

Harry Weilage


— Harry Weilage is the former Community Services Director for the City of Marshall


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