Ellison fighting for farmers

To The Editor:

I attended a meeting with Attorney General Keith Ellison that was hosted in Marshall at the end of August. Along with 70 other people from SW Minnesota, I heard the Attorney General respond to questions from the crowd for a good hour or more – people raising up the issues that they face in their lives. He then stayed for another 45 minutes talking with people one-to-one or at their tables.

Ellison impressed me because he would ask questions to learn more, listen, and then respond in a very straightforward way, over a wide range of issues. He didn’t promise the moon, but he did promise to take action where the Attorney General’s office can, which he has been doing very well in his first term. Examples include winning a settlement from opioid drug companies that will deliver $66 million to Minnesota counties and the state for drug addiction treatment and education. That is about delivering for our rural counties in S.W. Minnesota.

As a long-time livestock farmer, his pushing the federal government to investigate market concentration and potential price-fixing in the cattle industry was important to me. That’s the kind of action that farmers have long needed.

I’m supporting Keith Ellison because we need to deal with the corporate concentration that is going on in agriculture, and in fact every industry. Market control, price-gouging and price-fixing are killing our communities. He’s the best help we have right now, and we should re-elect him as our Attorney General, “the people’s attorney.”

Paul Sobocinski



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