Driveway is not a turnaround place

To the editor:

I’ve talked about writing a letter to the editor for awhile and tonight I was upset enough to write it. If it sounds a little emotional, it’s because I felt helpless watching.

We live on Highway 19 west and with the detour on Highway 68, traffic on our road has increased greatly. As you drive toward our farm site, we are the last place on the north side of the road before the first hill. Our place has a farm driveway and our acreage driveway. People have used our driveway as a turnaround place, meeting place, park on our lawn, etc. for years, but with this increase in traffic, it happens at least twice a week now.

Tonight someone pulled into the driveway and our dogs proceeded to greet them and then follow them off the yard. I’m screaming at the top of my lungs for them to come back as I can hear more traffic coming. I closed my eyes because I figured both of our family pets were going to be run over.

Please people as you are pulling into a persons driveway and you see the family pets coming up to your vehicle, stay put until the owners can get them under control. You invaded their territory. Our driveway is not a place for anyone to just pull in and turnaround safely. Being at the top of the hill, we have a blind spot and you cannot always see what is coming up the hill.

The vehicle tonight was very lucky they didn’t get hit from traffic coming in either direction. Several families could have had life changing events due to their decision. I’m very thankful our family pets were not injured tonight. All I’m asking/begging people slow down, think about what they are doing and please drive to the next road and do not use a farm site driveway as a turnaround place.

Jane Arends



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