Be careful voting in November

To the editor:

You can hardly make this up: Biden wanting to give 10K-20K student loan forgiveness to those who promised to pay it back. Biden allowing millions of illegals to cross our border while his Homeland Defense secretary declares that the border is closed. Almost laughable is the outrage 48 illegals being flown to the richest vacation island; (Martha’s Vineyard) in the in the country but then deported to a military base by 150 soldiers.

Biden has never gone to the border but has traveled all over the world. Fences don’t work to save our country but a $500,000 fence around his summer home is just fine.

Harris wants to create a path to U.S. citizenship to those who have come here illegally. The midterms have started early voting, be sure careful to think about who you want for representation.

Dan Markel



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