Use non-residential place to turnaround

To the editor:

This is being written to raise awareness to a problem we have had for along time. (We are guessing there are others who have the same problem). Our frustration lies with the drivers using the end of our Second Chance Ranch driveway, which is short, off Highway 59 North, as a turnaround spot. Why is this a problem? Because in our case we have two acreage dogs who go down to check out vehicles that do this. With traffic going 60 plus mph past our driveway, this is a very dangerous for our beloved dogs. Of course, we are also concerned about drive safety. There are options for turning around that are not connected to anyone’s place just a short distance past our driveway. Please, when needing to turn around, use a non-residential place no matter where you are.

Eileen and Tom Blomme



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