Drag queen center on the prairie

To the editor:

Marshall is celebrating its 150th year. During the 47 years I have lived in Marshall, I have seen our city become a center for supporting music. We enjoy summer band concerts in the park, bands come here to learn and present their musical talents and we have been able to hear the Vienna Boys, Lorie Line and our own talent in our top-notch High School auditorium. Soon we will be celebrating “Sounds of Summer.”

The addition of the city-owned Red Baron Arena, has also made our city a center for ice activities and useful for other large events. A Drag Queen show in the Arena (canceled once but rescheduled for October) has many citizens concerned for Marshall’s reputation being changed to “the drag queen center on the prairie”. I have been told, “the city can’t discriminate” and “we are working hard to be inclusive.”

Our city fathers felt it was important to put a clause in our city charter to give the mayor “emergency power” to act to protect the safety and “morals” of the citizens. What is “immoral” is “unnatural”. Many citizens are guided by what the Bible teaches. God certainly discriminates as to what actions are good or bad. Jesus did not go to Zaccheaus’ house to show approval for cheating taxpayers. Up in the tree, Zaccheaus was looking for Jesus because he knew he needed to be forgiven. Forgiveness is “inclusive”. Forgive as we have been forgiven. Many city councils have an open public forum time for citizens to speak. I recall Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom of Speech” picture, showing a man in a brown jacket standing and speaking with a group of faces below him, listening. In Marshall, it is necessary to request to speak and that request may be denied.

Contacting your elected city representatives from your Ward would be one way to express your thoughts. I am hoping Marshall’s reputation as a city of music will remain intact.

Trudy Madetzke



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