Missed opportunity to stop abortions

To the Editor

Our Minnesota state legislators (Gary) Dahms and(Chris) Swedzinski missed a valuable opportunity to use our state surplus when they did not pass legislation to support funding for vasectomies for Minnesota men. Subsidizing the procedure for many Minnesotans would result in a greater proportion of wanted children, and would lessen the burden on family support coffers.

Vasectomies are one of the best ways to stop abortions. Surely Dahms and Swedzinski would support that. It may be unclear to those who do not know biological science but all pregnancies, all abortions, are the result of actions of men. So many men have not done their part to consciously choose to fertilize responsibly. Even though many fathers are now taking on greater family responsibilities, still 80% of single parent families are headed by women.

Vasectomies are the ticket for men to step up. There is no abortion argument about the viability of a zygote because there is no fertilization. A vasectomy is safer and far cheaper than the birth control options for women.

But vasectomies would eliminate those possibilities. Contact Dahms and Swedzinski and urge them to help families and wisely use our budget surplus to support vasectomy funding for Minnesotans.

Patricia McLoone



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