Downtown Third Street doesn’t need changes

To the editor:

Jim Muchlinski’s article, “Rural downtowns should remain safe and walkable”, (6/11/2) expressed the thoughts of many as to what is best for the citizens of Marshall.

Having had an optometric office on Third Street for 48 years, I can attest to the benefits of a Third Street location and also to the benefits of the current pedestrian safety features that are in place.

It has been expressed at the Downtown Business meetings that a one-way section on Third Street, with diagonal parking would add four more parking spaces. It was appreciated that this perception of a lack of available parking was countered in the article.

My count of available parking spots during seven weeks, at various days and times of the day, showed from 4 to 12 spots open and available. As was pointed out in the article, walking a short distance to shop is good for one’s health.

According to the plat book of 1902, Third Street was historically the main entrance to downtown Marshall in the 1800s, and can remain so by not making part of it one-way, and by leaving the stop light on the corner of Third and Main Streets as it has been for many years.

Dr. LeRoy Affolter



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