Vote using paper ballots — no more electronic machines

To the editor:

We had a strong growing economy, low gas prices, energy independence, ample supply of food, building supplies and all other goods, jobs, secure borders and so much more. In just 18 months all of that is gone.

Who has caused most or all of this?

Just look who’s in charge of the federal government and the answer is clear. The radicals in Washington D.C. determined everything we are experiencing today.

Radical Democrats in the US House led by Nancy Pelosi have the majority. Radical Democrats in the US Senate led by Chuck Schumer with the deciding vote by Kamala Harris have the majority. Extreme radicals surrounding and perhaps directing the occupant in the White House are exercising powers beyond the fire walls of our Constitution.

Our economy is crippled, supply chains are disrupted or broken, inflation growing at a frightening pace, illegals pouring into our country in record numbers, crime, violence and murder at an all-time high and on and on. If it continues to progress at this fast rate, our country as it once was will not be able to survive for another two plus years.

The midterm elections coming in November may be the last hope of our survival. I’m not promoting a party of any stripe exactly, because it’s all too possible we cannot clean out all of the radicals entrenched in our government, so we must be super careful who we cast our vote for.

There is only one solution and that is to vote, in large numbers, on the one day that is set aside to vote, become election judges and poll watchers and use paper ballots that will have unequivocal chain of custody all the way to the Secretary of State’s office with outside independent observation.

Lots of work? Yes.

Lots of election judges and poll watchers? Yes.

But absolutely necessary as the people have to know that their vote counted as they cast it. No more electronic machines. They are unreliable and untrustworthy.

The future of our country and society depends on what we the people do. Not politicians, not bureaucrats, the people.

Roger Baumann



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