Outsmart the virus

To the editor:

It is unfortunate that so much doom and gloom is directed at the wrong issues in the country. After all, the economy has grown at a record pace for the last year, people are spending money, and the Stock Market is stable. Pay has increased, jobs are plentiful, and we have the Infrastructure Projects to look forward to.

Hard to believe, but that is all correct.

If it weren’t for COVID slowing down manufacturing, the economy would be booming.

The doom and gloom should be directed at our failure to manage the pandemic.

Suppose 80% of the population were vaccinated. COVID would decline, not worsen. This virus is a smart son-of-a-gun; it will keep mutating and outsmarting the vaccine. We need to prevent our bodies from hosting the virus. Then the number of people infected will be manageable.

I want to thank all those working in healthcare during this pandemic. Their workload goes unnoticed, and they desperately need our help. They need us to do everything we can to stay healthy.

If we have a medical emergency, the Emergency Rooms at Avera Marshall and all ERs have run out of space. The hospitals are full, and now we have a new COVID mutation surge.

Also, if you can, give blood. The supply banks are dangerously low.

Lisa Haney



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