Some on far-left attack good people

To the Editor:

I attended the program about Critical Race Theory held at the Marshall Country Club recently. I find it telling that some on the far left now feel compelled to attack the presentors Kendall and Sheila Qualls.

Having taught history to 17 year old high-school students for 35 years, I was really impressed with Kendall and Sheila. I found them both to be intelligent, articulate and obviously successful Americans, who just happen to be black.

Kendall Qualls after growing up in the deep south and then moving to Harlem at age 8, served his country for 10 years as an Army Captain before joining and succeeding in the corporate world. He recently ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. House of Representatives in Minnesota. Sheila has had her own successful career in writing and journalism while raising 5 children. Sheila and Kendal have been married for 34 years.

I find it telling that some on the far left now feel compelled to attack such obviously good people. As much as their message was a warning that CRT teaches people that they are victims and tears down America, our history and institutions, theirs was a message of American racial progress. They told the attendees how their parents and they have lived that racial progress. There was a reason that both of them received standing ovations after they spoke.

Sheila and Kendall Qualls do not see themselves as oppressed or victims. At the end of their presentation about the dangers of CRT they displayed a picture of themselves with their 5 children. It is obvious that their amazing kids do not seem themselves as oppressed or as victims either.

John Coulter


— John Coulter is a retired high school history teacher


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