Media giving Biden clean-gloves treatment

To the editor:

Does anyone remember the media’s five-year attack on President Trump?

If he had two dips of ice cream, that made the news for a week or more. Contrast that to the kid-gloves treatment on the current occupant of the White House: When are reporters and the mainstream news going to report instead of throwing softballs at the infrequent and staged news conferences?

The American people can see through the prearranged questions and the outlets he calls on.

• Just yesterday Biden made a speech in Michigan telling the folks they need to pay their fair share of taxes. Wonder what happened to the story about Joe not paying taxes on the millions he made on speeches?

• His Afghan strategy for the surrender would have started another round of impeachment hearings if President Trump had been at the helm

• Where is the FBI in regard to the Hunter laptop and all his shady dealings with China and other foreign countries?

• Does the attorney general think the FBI needs to get involved with local parents at school board meetings instead of concentrating on real criminals who burned cities to the ground?

• How about Hunter’s “art” renditions?

• The border disaster-giving the illegals a choice on getting a Chinese Virus shot at the same time massive mandates are imposed on U.S. citizens but at the same time giving them benefits?

• Charity begins at home — clean up our homeless problem before inviting thousands, maybe millions of illegals.

Dan Markell



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