In their own words

I also attended the Minnesota branch of the “American Experiment” meeting on Sept. 30th at the Marshall Golf Club.

The very first words from the speaker were: Critical Race Theory is a Marxist ideology dating back to Nazi Germany in the 1930s, straight from a communist manifesto. I taped the meeting, and I used the first 10 minutes.

These national conservative think-tank speakers quickly clarified they have determined what Critical Race Theory is. They claim ‘the Radical Left” (their words) is not a class being taught, but rather a code the left uses that means CRT.

That was news to me, the three History professors, and the two retired teachers at my table. We thought it was about black history, as we laughed!

The speaker then tells the targeted audience of Evangelic Conservatives that “they” (the left) will never say critical race theory or CRT. No, they use Code when they talk about CRT. Like when they say the word “equitable,” that’s CRT, “social justice,” that’s CRT, “a white privilege,” that’s CRT, “social-emotional learning,” that’s CRT, “culturally responsible teaching,” that’s CRT “anti-racist,” that’s CRT.

The speaker continues:

“When they (the Radical Left) use words like equity, inclusion, anti-racism, those words mean exactly the opposite. Because they (the left) are deceptive. Understand that critical race theory is anti-capitalism, anti-American, and anti-Christian.”

Next, she encourages the audience to go to the teacher:

“If you don’t like what they said, take it to the principal; if you don’t like what they say, take it to superintendent. If that doesn’t work, band together, bring a friend or 200 to a school board meeting.”

After an hour and a half of this absurd left blaming conspiracy hate fest, I no longer felt this was about a concern for their kids and CRT. They were reinforcing fear and distrust in the conservatives while falsely condemning the “radical Marxist left” (Their words again)

The irony here speaks for its self.

Fear motivates, and the goal is to have conservative religious influence over public schools’ new curriculum.

Lisa Haney



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