Focus on right and good

To the editor:

Teaching history honestly, truthfully”, was an article prepared by four history professors, opposing the CRT (critical racy theory) presentation by Sheila and Kendall Qualls at the Marshall Golf Club.

I agree that Minnesotans want history taught honestly and truthfully. However, to many Marshall area parents, students and teachers, that means acknowledging the Bible as a legitimate source of human history. The answers to the questions raised by the professors:

“Who are we?

Where did we come from?

“What are we capable of?”

(The answers) Will differ if truth is sought from God or from man’s reason. If truth according to man’s views is only accepted, then freedom of speech and religion is denied and such teaching is propaganda.

I also agree, “when we try to edit and distort our shared history, we are doing our students a disservice.” For example, it is a fact, established by the journal, “Of Plimoth Plantation”, written by William Bradford, that the people known as the Pilgrims came to this country for the purpose of securing religious freedom. The following year, 1621, after a devastating winter, they gathered to give thanks to God for their harvest and His care. Parents have expressed dismay that this history is being omitted in classrooms or their children are being taught the Pilgrims’ purpose was to exploit Native Americans and take away their land.

What is the agenda behind such distortion?

If the SMSU professors were truly concerned about including all children, why didn’t they protest the hanging of the LGBTQ+ flag in the Middle School cafeteria?

Where was their support for the students who have been taught to love one another according to God’s desires?

Support all learners?

I think what Sheila and Kendall Qualls and many families want in Marshall is children educated in reading, writing, mathematics, science, history, etc., taught by teachers who respect all students and families’ religious values.

Our country’s history has not been perfect, as the Qualls stated, but rather than focus on what has been wrong, let us focus on what is right and good. Look beyond color and gender to character and what unites us. To accomplish this, Kendall Quall concluded, “We need to be brave in our land of the free.” Most in attendance rose in one affirmative motion.

Trudy Madetzke



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