Parents entitled to ask what their child going to be learning

To the editor:

“Back to what kind of school?” Cal Thomas asked that question in his column (8/27/21). He encouraged parents to ask their child(ren)’s schools that question.


Because more than basic academic subjects are now being introduced into schools and not always with parents’ knowledge.

A woman from Taunton called to express her thanks for the letters I wrote for supporting the Marshall School District’s mission statement “to support all learners. She also shared her dismay that her grandson, who attends a school in Minneapolis now has a new sex education class.

A Comprehensive sex education curriculum prepared by Planned Parenthood was proposed for all Minnesota public schools and debated in the Minnesota House in 2019. It passed in the House but was removed from the education bill to which it was attached after many Republicans objected to its content. The curriculum exists, but it was not passed in the Senate for all Minnesota public schools to use.

Some states have banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory tenets and some schools have not. Some teachers teach only their assigned subject. Some do not. In one

A recent Public Forum writer voiced that it is important for students to know how to exercise their right to practice safe sex. Parents are entitled to ask what their child is going to be learning, to get answers, and to take action to have the kind of education they want for their child(ren).

Trudy Madetzke



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