Libraries more important than ever

To the editor:

The article in the Aug. 18 Independent about the county commissioners meeting regarding the local libraries’ budgets for 2022 lead me to believe that their importance to our society has dwindle in the face of the pandemic and drought. This strikes me as irony in that those circumstances rather than being an excuse for defunding our libraries are the reason they are more important than ever in this age of disinformation. The budget presented to the board was modest in light of the problems the library board is facing during these troubled times. The commissioners who thought the budget too large are being short sighted as many of us react to problems by saying “we can’t afford it”. I would point out that our libraries are far too important to our society to attempt to solve their problems with uncooperative responses to funding requests.

A person goes to a doctor with a foot problem. The doctor tells the patient he needs to perform an operation to fix it. The expense is a peripheral consideration when considering the importance of keeping the foot. The libraries provide basic support to our society. This should not be forgotten as we struggle with the many problems facing us.

Michael Murray



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