Biden vs Jr. high student council

To the editor:

Since Jan. 20, 2021, we have seen what damage has been done by a president who allegedly earned more votes than anyone in history. Student councils are generally run by duly elected members and supervised by a mentally functioning adult.

A junior high student council has more credibility than the current administration as shown by the unbelievable executive orders:

• Closing down a nearly completed pipeline. (One of his own administration said pipelines are safer and more efficient than any other means.)

• Closing down construction of a nearly completed southern border wall even though funds were all ready approved and we are paying millions to keep the project safe.

• Begging OPEC to produce more energy. Contrast that to the last year of the Trump presidency when we were exporting energy. Have you noticed the spike in energy costs as well as most everything we buy??

• The “successful”evacuation in Afghanistan. Another instance when an adult in the room, listening to advisors who actually knew the threat months ago would have started the process months ago when we had boots on the ground.

Laughable is the only thing that comes to mind when Biden’s team says the refugees are being thoroughly vetted.

Unless you are getting the news from MTV or SNL, does anyone know the amount of high tech military gear was left for the Taliban?

True, many of the vehicles and aircraft were reportedly made inoperable but the hundreds of thousands of weapons and untold millions of rounds of ammunition will be used against us at some time. Interviews with former veterans of the Afgan war were livid with anger at the thousands of night vision goggles left behind.

Remember that the porous southern border invasion is allowing most anyone to cross, who knows how many are the Taliban?

I could go on and fill an entire page but space is limited.”

Dan Markell



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