Read the sources before judging

To the editor:

Many people have responded to my Aug. 10 letter without even reading the sources I provided. Others tried to dismiss my sources by claiming they were too difficult to look up. Still others shockingly invented sources for me.

I will address one of these responses. James’ Aug. 12 response contained many errors. For instance, he claims fact #3 is a lie and not found in the source provided. Yet, this data is on page 354, with the mode number of sexual partners equaling up to 500, and the average being even higher. The data also includes men as young as 50, whereas my statement was ‘over a lifetime’.

I do not have space to point out his other twelve errors, nor is this the correct medium for it. Instead, I encourage him and others who are interested to contact me using the email below to discuss them.

However, at least James read the sources before judging them. Others chose to pre-judge these sources without reading them. There is a word for when someone pre-judges, and that word is ‘prejudice’.

However, what I have experienced this past week goes beyond prejudice. Since my original Aug. 10 letter, I have had my email spammed with harassing messages, I have been ridiculed in online forums–and all by people who chose to react rather than read. My request to openly discuss a list of scientific facts was met with hatred and prejudice.

Such uninformed behavior must stop.

Therefore, I encourage everyone to read the sources for themselves. I will provide them and others by requesting them at chadconway@protonmail.com. You do not need James to read these sources for you and decide what you ought to believe about them and how you ought to think about them. Instead, send for the documents, read them, and decide for yourself if these sources are from peer reviewed journals as I said, or whether they are far-right extremist literature as claimed by my accusers.

Send for the data, read it and decide for yourself.

Chad Conway



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