We can move on when school board moves to support all learners

To the editor:

In Karrie Alberts letter (June 30) she asks “When or how are Christian kids not supported?”

The LGBTQ+ flag and community supports same sex marriage. God does not. The LGBTQ+ flag is hanging in the Middle School cafeteria. This flag does not support students who believe in responding to God’s love by obeying His commands.

It is not the existence of the LGBTQ+ community that is an attack on the freedom of speech and freedom of religion. It is the promotion of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle in our public schools.

Consider a few of the concerns that have been expressed to me by parents and students:

1. The first day of high school, my daughter told me her literature teacher announced at the end of the class, “We are going to be reading this book. Your parents may not like it.” (Why not?)

2. A highschool football player said, “Sometimes teachers show an R-rated movie. If we don’t want to watch it, we have to bring a signed note from home to be excused. Don’t you think it’s strange that the other students don’t have to bring notes from home giving them permission to watch it?

3. An aide for a special needs child expressed concern about substitute teachers knowing what the expected curriculum is in the Middle School. She left with her student when a sub started showing a movie that was “very inappropriate”. Not wanting to lose her job, she did not report it.

4. Rainbow stickers were passed out to teachers and students in the Middle School and displayed. Were these inclusive of all the students?

5. Belief in creation of the world by God is not presented along with the theory of evolution in science classes. One sub who stated evolution was just one theory, was not asked to sub in that class again.

I care about all children. We can move on when the Marshall School Board has the authority to be involved in school issues and takes action to uphold their mission statement “to support all learners.”

Trudy Madetzke



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