Following God’s word

To the editor:

While I appreciate knowing others’ thoughts, the letter “Let facts and reason be our guide” (July 7), is not honest in analyzing my words and thoughts. Belief in God Word is reasonable only by faith; which I stated, but the letter writer did not.

Because Thomas Jefferson admired Jesus as the greatest example of a moral man, he did not accept Jesus’ miracles as real. Why? He did not believe Jesus was also the Son of God. He lacked faith. Reason was his guide, so he cut and pasted his own “Bible”. You can get a copy through the library.

In public schools, children learn that every living thing evolved over billions of years. Their parents, trusting God’s Word by faith, may have already taught them that God created the world by His Word in six days.

Indoctrination takes place when only one possible belief about the existence of our world is taught based on reason. God tells children to “obey their parents in the Lord”. Why should parents and children challenge God’s wisdom and instruction?

The LGBTQ+ flag is a viewpoint that can be viewed. It does not show acceptance for views based on God’s Word; therefore it is not viewpoint neutral.

Please do not refer to my beliefs as being ” Madetzke’s version of Christianity”. It is God’s Word that I have been quoting for my source of truth. Jesus said, “The

Truth shall set you free.”

Trudy Madetzke



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